Laybag Outdoor Portable Introduction

Laybag is a new idea for the outdoor activity market. Well actually it is also suitable for indoor family use. If you checked on Amazon UK or Amazon USA, you will notice some laybag sellers have already gained over 4 star good consumer rating. So now let’s check together for this brand new product category.


Laybag Outdoor Portable What are attractive

Filling Technique

The brand laybag® is designed based on filling technique, hence it is easy to fill air in just a few seconds. Actually it seems more like a design of inflatable sofa, or kind of sofa couch stuff dry-bag. Also it is glad to hear you don’t need any further pump when setting up the laybag. Overall the item weighs about 1.2kg and it can hold up to 100 kg pressure.

Easy to Storeage

One thing great about laybag is its easy-to-storage feature. You could simply put the whole laybag just into a tiny small bag accessories, and done! You could put out the bag anytime you need it. Well so far lots of videos on Youtube have introduced the whole process about how to storage or fill a laybag. You are also feel free to check one of them at the final part of this article.

Indoor & Outdoor Using

Unlike traditional camping tent, laybag can be used both indoor or outdoor. It may sounds wired to put a tent inside your, for example, dinner room, but it is actually good to fill a laybag and put it in your study room, living room, backyard, beach, or even in an airport if in the case of delay flight. During test we found the laybag® one is steady enough to hold its shape and balance even in strong wind conditions. We found material of the laybag was high-standard ripstop nylon fabric and was also environmental friendly.


Laybag Outdoor Portable Using Experience


The laybag came in well package with a carrying-bag. It was easy to inflate and deflate, and provide a much more attractive alternative to hammocks, outdoor garden seats or indoor chairs. If the overall weight is no more than 100kg, two to three people can lay on it. The laybag indeed suitable to any kind of ground,like soft sand or grass, but for safety reasons probably not try it on sharp rock.


Although the laybag seems easy to set-up on Youtube videos, for the first time filling the laybag you may feel somewhat difficult. However, it just a little trail or error you may get. One more good advice for filling the laybag could be roll the top of the lounger to trap air inside. Despite its powerful anti-pressure material and technology, we are still not sure if you could sleep all night on it, as it may gradually loss air during night.

Laybag Outdoor Portable Kind Reminder

1 Please do not jump on the laybag.
2.Please keep it away from fires, or any other sharp things.

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