Infinity walls create the illusion of levitating objects by eliminating shadows and corners. To use them, simply position your subjects in front of a monochromatic (generally white) background with curved edges to obscure where the floor ends and the walls begin. 

Also known as cyclorama walls, or cyc for short, infinity walls are very useful for engineering minimalist backdrops, generating cool optical tricks or creating the illusion of endless space within a confined environment. The construction is simple; all corners are rounded to eliminate shadows and allow for a seamless transition from space to space. 

Those iconic Apple commercials you love? They’re shot against infinity walls to detract from anything but the product. Would an iPhone still look as gorgeous in a cluttered environment? Probably not! Infinity walls are all about making the object or subject matter stand out by muting everything else. Less focus on the background means more focus on your product or subject.   

It’s an easy idea with dramatic results. You don’t need an iPhone or a Mac to test it. Put a colorful artisan vase in front of an infinity wall and see how the stark background really emphasizes its elegance and makes the hues pop. With no shadows or competing colors to distract the eye, the vase is the only focal point, making it more desirable.

Infinity walls are completely versatile. You can create a single infinity wall or span across several walls depending on your needs. Some White Cyc Studios design entire corner-less rooms to devise the illusion of limitless space.

You can make the effect yourself with a white backdrop pulled taut in a curve over the floor. Simply tether it to the ceiling and anchor it to the floor. It can get wrinkled and look sloppy if you’re not careful, so if you want to get a little fancier and have the carpentry skills, do some DIY construction. There are plenty of online tutorials for a more permanent infinity wall. If you’re serious about photography or videography, it might be in your best interest to take a weekend and construct your own. 

For the most professional option and shoot, you need to visit a reputable White Cyc Studio. Find a place that routinely and meticulously paints its walls because every scuff, stain, and mark on an infinity wall will stand out in your shoot. As with every studio, soundproofing is key. Make sure the studio has good lighting and a comfortable place for you and your crew to set up shop. Do your homework and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Infinity walls are usually white, but they can be tinted and modified to reflect any color.  You don’t need to be a professional photographer to have truly inspired photo shoots with elegant collections of items. What about some sophisticated silver jewelry against a deep blue or black background? You can project backgrounds too, either during the shoot or afterward. Get creative and experiment to see what works best for you.