Going for a high quality asphalt contractor is imperative. This is because ineffective work can lead to water logging around the home’s foundation, and thus affect the overall framework of your house. Hence, it is of utmost importance to perform your diligence before hiring a competent asphalt patching contractor for the job.

For doing that there are 5 integral factors that you need consider, these factors will ensure that you land up with the contractor that you always wanted to have.

Material Selection

Asphalt often gets recycled more than once, so there are different grades of material where the percentage of recycled asphalt might differ in accordance to the grade that you choose. Having poor quality for patching can be a bad idea, as this will not only affect the aesthetic appeal of the patched area but at the same time deter the longevity too. Therefore, count on those professionals who guarantee to provide higher grade materials with less recycled composition.

Types of Equipments

The quality of equipments used by the contractors for asphalt patching is as important as the selection of the material. So before you count on any professional, do make sure that you ask them the following questions

  • What is the quality of equipments used?
  • How long have been the equipments operating?
  • Are the equipments certified by a particular regulatory body?
  • Are the equipments properly maintained and repaired on-time?

These few questions will ensure that the work is completed just the way you desired it to be, without any sort of delays due to improper or malfunctions in the equipments.

Insurance Coverage

driveway-sealcoating6A professional asphalt contractor holds minimum insurance as governed by the state law. These coverage can be beneficial, as if any sort of accidents occur and they are on your property then you can remain protected by the coverage. Other than that the insurance would even cover any sort of accidents or injuries that had occurred due to the services of the professional.


The fourth factor is to make a note of the service charges of the contractors and then compare it with other potential companies. As only a reliable, reputable and competent contractor will always provide you the best quality services at the right value. For doing this you can go for a quote or an estimate from the contactor and then compare the same for asphalt patching project.

While comparing quotes, do ensure that you do not make price the sole criteria rather consider other aspects and take price based on them. The goal is not to find the cheapest company, but a contactor that offers high quality services at exceptional value.


Once you have discovered a contractor that is the perfect match for the job then go through the reviews or testimonials given by the clients who have used their services before, and make a note of what they have to say about them. This will help you in understanding the positive as well as the negative aspects of the contractors.