When Lassana Dioum was scrolling down his Instagram feed, he saw instagrammers he followed posing with branded products, what made him wanting to know more about those brands. As he was checking on those brands he didn’t know moments before, he felt somewhat influenced. That’s when he first got the idea of Ifluenz.

Ifluenz is the first platform connecting influential Instagram users wishing to promote brands, products and services to advertisers all around the world. Whether you would like to launch a new product line, make your brand gain popularity, or grow a community around your service, Ifluenz makes this possible. Ifluenz is the easiest way for people to monetize their social media popularity.


How does it work? It is simple. Instagram users with at least 5,000 followers (called “ifluenzers”) can browse relevant campaigns created by advertisers seeking to promote their brands, products or services on Instagram. Once the ifluenzer selects a campaign, he/she has 2 days to post a picture promoting the brand on his/her Instagram account. After a campaign validation period of 7 days, the ifluenzer will receive the major part of the money paid by the advertiser. With the campaign criteria­-matching algorithm, campaigns are proposed in priority to the ifluenzers matching the criteria set by the advertisers (budget, location, gender, age, etc.), making the campaigns more impactful.

Lassana Dioum founded Ifluenz with the help of Yann Benichou and Julien Leroy. Dioum plans to expand Ifluenz on an international level. Ifluenz intends to become a market leader. “With this new website, we hope to provide the best tool for advertisers to benefit from the popularity of the new generation of influencers”.

Click Here to Visit the Site :  www.ifluenz.com