An area rug can make a significant difference in the appearance of the interior of your house. But you need to buy the right product to match well with your room design. It is really difficult to choose the right one if do not have any experience in the rug. Rugs are available in different materials such as cotton braided rugs, outdoor braided rugs, indoor/outdoor throw rugs, rag rugs, penny rugs, wool braided rugs, bamboo rugs, outdurable rugs, and so many others. The best thing is that you can get a wide price range. If your budget is restricted you can choose the one that comes at a reasonable price such as Dash & Albert rag rugs and cotton woven rugs. The most important thing is the size. You should know the proper size of the rug to give a perfect match to room interior.


How to know the right size

It is not easy to know the right size. And it is more difficult if you are buying an expensive product. In general, people buy small size rugs as it charges less. But it does not look good. In fact, space looks like chopped up. So, it is better to buy the right size. If you are confused to select the size, then consider the following tips.

  • Measure the size of the area

This is the best way to get an idea of the size of the required rug. Measure the size of your room and of the place where you want to place the rug before shopping. If your budget is restricted then you can buy a small rug and can put it in front of all the furniture. But make sure that your sofa is backed up against the wall. You do not need to waste money by placing the rug below the sofa. But if your room is relatively big and the furniture is floating then it is better to buy a big one. In that case, you can also buy a small rug to suit your budget. But you need to place the furniture in such a manner that it will not the creation of chopped up. But the good decision is to buy a bigger one.

  • Make a proper placement and adjustment

If you have bought a long rug, then adjust the length properly to give a nice look. If you room is fatty, then it is better to adjust it horizontally. The adjustment will be different if you have very long and skinny room. In this situation, you might need two small rugs instead of using the large one for the entire room. You can make two sitting arrangements and put the rugs in these sitting areas.

  • Get square rugs for square rooms

Many things depend on the size and structure of your room. For a big or fatty room, you can choose two rugs. But for square rooms, you need to buy square rugs that will go well with the interior. If you will buy any other types of rugs such as round rugs that will not be the perfect combination with your room. So, get square rugs for square rooms. Moreover, square rugs are available in good designs and that can match well with any kind of interior.


  • What to do with a small rug

If you like the design, color, or quality of some small rug, but you find that the size will not go well with your large room. To utilize that small rug, you can buy large sisal. Make sure that sisal fits well the whole sitting area then you can place your favorite rug on the top. That will look good and even better than a proper rug. Remember that sisals are cheaper than rugs and it also durable. Apply this method to give a different and unique look to the interior of your home.

  • The rug size should be bigger than your sofa

While buying the rugs, make sure that it has at least 5-9 on either side of your sofa. This is important. If the width of the rug and the sofa will be same, then it will not create a good impression. In fact, it will look small.

Follow the above tips while buying rugs for your room. American Country Home Store offers a good selection of area rugs that can enhance the beauty of your room interior.