Making money online is everyone’s dream. We all would love to get rich quick without doing much to attain it. But many are under the misconception that they actually shouldn’t have to lift a finger; unfortunately it’s not always that straightforward or easy. However, what if we told you there was a way to make money online and fast? Keep reading to find out how some common sense can earn you a weekly income.

We have all Googled it… go on, no need to hide or be embarrassed! The most effective method to profit on the web or make money online or the best phrase constantly inserted into Google is how to get rich quick! Yes, let’s just come out and tell it like it is – we’ve all had the dream of making money online and fast.

But in your research, what exactly did you find out? Did you do the necessary reading? Did you truly tick off all the boxes of what might have to be done in order to make profit online? This is the real dilemma – you see, many of you are looking for the fastest possible way, but let’s look at the method for what it really is.

It’s a flat out scam.

Making money online fast, like overnight just doesn’t happen. It’s common sense really, and getting involved in these types of program will only break your heart and your bank account. If you want to truly understand how to make money online, then let’s look a little closer at MLM or Multi-Level Marketing programs.

What is an MLM?

You’ve likely already heard of MLMs but you just haven’t put two and two together. An MLM is a system or business model that lets you build a network around a specific product, and the more people you have in your network the more money you are likely to make. You might better understand an MLM if you know of a few. Does it surprise you to know that Avon is an MLM? Or how about Herbalife? Amway is of course the most famous and still holds strong today, along with the other names mentioned here.


So you see, a good MLM does exist, and finding one for yourself or that fits you to the tee is easier than you think. Instead of using Google for example, check out some forums first. Look to your peers for the advice and tools you might need to get started. Like we said, common sense will go a long way and make it more than possible for you to make money online.

How do you really choose the best Possible MLM?

Okay, let’s just recap a  moment. We need you to remember that participating in an MLM won’t make you money overnight. IN order for this to be perfectly clear, imagine for one moment you are opening a Brick and Mortar shop, you have finally achieved your desire to be your own boss. Now ask yourself what it entails to open that brick and mortar shop?

Let’s just go through the list:

  • You need a lot of money to invest
  • You will be required to do most of the work yourself because likely you can’t yet afford to staff
  • All promos will have to be done by you
  • You will be looking forward to at least two years until an actual profit is turned

Please don’t misunderstand, opening a business is a great thing, and an opportunity that should in fact be taken if you have the business plan in place and money for investment. But this where making money online differs, and in retrospect, you really can make money online a lot faster. But it’s finding the right one to get involved in that seems to put people off.

make money

Consider just a few things – one of the most important methods to choosing the right MLM is simple. Look to the members count. If you have in front of you an MLM with thousands of members, then likely they are doing something right. One bright example we’ve come across in our travels is Crypto888 – a membership program designed to make you money online, with a different type of binary model.

One thing to remember is you have to put in a bit of work. You will need to build your own little network to get a kick back on some commission. This is something you see just about everywhere online, and there is nothing wrong with rewarding members. You will also need to purchase a product, and participate. So even though the work is minimal, you at least get to do this in the comfort of your own home.

In conclusion, making money online is indeed more than possible. You see it happen every day with major brands across the world. The trick is to remember your research, and above all else ask the right questions.


Deanna Smits is an MLM expert who offers advice on finding the best possible crypto currencies to participate in. Her current projects include writing for several blog sites dealing with MLM, and particularly staying heavily involved in Crypto888 Members Program – a new digital currency currently taking the world by storm.