Growing a beard is an important step, which changes man’s look dramatically. Thus, you need to do it right to achieve desirable results, especially if you want to wear an Imperial beard.

Imperial is a small amount of facial hair below the underlip in the center of the chin. Usually, it has a wedge form. Sometimes imperial is mistakenly called a goatee. Imperial has round shape and takes the biggest part of the man’s chin, whereas goatee is much narrower. Imperial beard can be worn with a mustache and wide whiskers. However, it is often worn without additional facial hair. In fact, there are different types of this beard, which look differently, barbers at Top Barber Shops In NYC say.

Imperial beard types

There are three main types: classic, circular and Van Dyke style.

Classic Imperial is a neat wedge of hair without a mustache located on the chin.

Van Dyke beard type perpetuated the memory of Anthony Van Dyke – famous Flemish portrait painter, who lived in the XVII century. It is a wedge-shaped beard, which is not connected with mustache.

Circular beard has no wedge form, unlike the previous two. It is an attractive thin mustache, which is connected with a small round beard. It covers the central part of the chin. There is also a wide hair base below the underlip.

Who can wear Imperial beard?

This beard fits guys with any appearance, except those of you, who has round face. By the way, Imperial is a favorite beard type of many celebs men.

How to grow beard: preparatory stepsi

  • First and foremost, remove the razor away and let the facial hair grows freely. Man’s facial hair can grow in unexpected ways; it depends on genetics. Thus, make sure yo
    u have the hair on the right parts of the face before growing Imperial. It will become clear after a few days of no shaving.
  • If the hair in the desirable face part grows, wait until it becomes longer. If you have no facial hair on the chin, you should think about another kind of beard.
  • Imagine yourself with Imperial on your face. Take into consideration a few possible combinations of its length and shape. You can do it with the help of illustrated magazines and online sources. After that, you can start to form Imperial beard.


How to form a stylish Imperial

What you need:

  • a big mirror;
  • a trimmer with a set of different nozzles for beard care;
  • special scissors;
  • a comb;
  • a shaving cream (in case you have sensitive skin or too hard facial hair);
  • a cosmetic wax for hair styling (it is not necessary, but it will give extra gloss and well-groomed look to your beard).

Step 1. Any beard forming starts from the side parts. Use a razor or a shaver to remove the excess hair carefully and create the desirable form. Watch the strict symmetry when create the Imperial beard.

Step 2. Use a trimmer to make an immaculate form of your beard.

Step 3. If the Imperial will be completed with a mustache, you should choose its shape. You can create a small gap between the whiskers and the nose.

Step 4. Complete the formation of the beard, making it wedge-shaped (if you chose a classic Imperial type). If you want Van Dyke style, corners should be formed on both sides of the jaw.

Well, Imperial represents one of the most stylish and elegant types of beard for modern men. If you decide to wear this type of beard, you’ll make an impression of stylish, gallant, and self-confident man. Use these simple tips to make a perfect Imperial beard at home!

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