Not all workouts are created equal. You can do the same exercise for the same intensity for the same duration and your results might be wildly different depending on how you prepare for your workout. Learn below how to get the most results and benefits from your workout.

The first tip is to be properly hydrated before you workout. Make sure to drink plenty of water and get electrolytes like sodium and potassium. You can get electrolytes with drinks like Pedialyte, Nuun Hydration tablets, or other brands. You’ll also want to eat a few hours before you workout. If you have to eat closer to your workout, try to eat fast-acting carbohydrates like white rice or gatorade as they’ll digest fast and won’t interrupt your workout.

Once your workout is done, a protein shake is a good as it’ll help rebuild muscles. However, protein powder like whey protein and pea protein can taste bland or better. Luckily, it’s very easy to make protein powder taste good. A few simple tips are to add flavors like PB2, milk, fruit, sweeteners, or even electrolyte tablet. It also helps to have some carbohydrates with your protein, which is another perk of adding flavors to your protein powder.

The next way to get more benefits from your workout is to ensure you get enough rest between workouts. The amount of rest you should get depends on the intensity of your workout. If you had an extremely intense workout, it might make sense to rest for 2-3 days. If you walked casually, you might be able to workout the next day. The key is to not have intense workouts 7 days a week. This could lead to overtraining and increase your chance of getting injured.

Another tip is to get a diverse mix of workouts. You shouldn’t do the same workout everyday. You should try a mix of low-intensity casual workouts like walking with more intense stuff like high-intensity interval training. On a slow day you could try yoga. When the weather’s good you could go for a hike, bike ride, play sports, or do some other kind of outdoor activity. The key is to do a diverse mix of exercises.

In closing, how you prepare and how you recover after your workout could mean the difference between small gains and huge gains. Remember to stay hydrated, eat a proper recovery meal, rest in between workouts, and to do a diverse mix of exercises. Those tips are a sure-fire way to improve your health, fitness, and get more benefits from your workout.