The future of a child, is to a large extent, shaped by the school that the child attends. Schools are trusted with inculcating the proper habits and imparting knowledge to children. The choice of which school to send one’s child to is a very important decision for the parent. We’ll try to help you through the process and make the right choice.

Best School


The very first factor is location. You don’t want your child wasting precious hours of his/her day going to and coming from school. For example, if you’re staying in Gurgaon (Delhi NCR), you probably don’t want your child making the 1.5 hour trek to Noida, no matter how good the school is. Choose a school that is within 30 minutes’ drive from your home, at a maximum. You can use sites such as CoachingAdda for finding the best schools near your

Brand Value

The brand value of a school is quite important and can carry weight all the day to the child’s first job. Schools such as Delhi Public School and Modern School have a strong cache and alumni base, helping your child in innumerable ways over the course of his/her life.


Teachers are the most important component of a school. It is a student’s interaction with his/her teacher that will shape him/her to a large extent. Ensure the faculty have proper certifications and are fully qualified for the responsibility.

Past Results

Schools often post their past results and successes in the board exams and major college entrance exams. Analyze these results and opt for schools with a long history of producing top tier students who perform well on the national level.


School infrastructure is also very important when making such a decision. You want your children going to a school with a well maintained and modern computer & science lab, well stocked library and high quality classrooms. Be sure to check the facilities of the school via a personal visit (including a visit to the classrooms) before making a final choice. For all around development of your children, you also want to make sure the school has proper extracurricular programs such as music and dance, along with a playground for football, tennis, basketball, etc.

Reviews & References

Ask your friends and family for reviews of the schools in your consideration pool. You can also try online sites to find school reviews of nearby schools.

Medium of Communication

Depending on your region, ensure that English is the major medium of communication. Exam papers are often mis-translated in other languages and this is a simple way to ensure your child knows proper English

School Type

Some schools only provide education upto class 5 or class 8. You want to ensure that your selection provides schooling from kindergarten to class 12, so your child does not go through the inconvenience of changing a school, making new friends and settling into a new environment.

These major factors will help you choose the best schools around you. You may not get a school satisfying all the criteria, but as long it meets a majority of the selection points, it is probably a good choice.