Are you going to go traveling? Have you prepared your backpack? Have you consider some important points related to choosing backpack? Well, considerations in choosing the size of axles for backpacking activity can be different for each person. The differences lie on some aspects, such as needs, conditions will be faced, and taste. For the people who like a short backpacking, for example 2-3 days, it is recommended for them to carry small to medium sized bags. But unlike the people who love to go backpacking for a long time, for example up to more than 1 week, they would require a fairly large backpack.

This time I will share tips on choosing the size of the best backpacks for travel that fits your taste, especially based on the duration of the activity you are doing.

  • Duration of Backpacking: 1-2 days

For those of you who like backpacking with a relatively short duration, it is better for you to choose a small backpack, having capacity of 20-50 L. Small backpack is pretty practical and easy when taken away. The use of small backpack includes some simple travelling activities, like traveling to museum, beach, hills, and so on. Moreover, the capacity of 20-50 L is sufficient for up to 2 days.

  • Duration of Backpacking: 2-3 days

Backpacking for 2-3 days can actually be put in the category of short backpacking, so doesn’t need a large bag. If you are among those who love backpacking activity for 2-3 days, then you can choose a backpack with a capacity of 50-60 L. It is such medium size, and able to carry all the stuff you need, such as slippers, clothes, a camera, and toiletries.

  • Duration of Backpacking: 3-5 days

Backpacking for 3-5 days, for some people, is an activity that is long enough. For those of you who belong to this group, you can choose a backpack that has a large enough capacity, i.e. 60-80 L. For Asian, this capacity range can be said to be large, and quite burdensome when filled with goods. However, it will be a certain risk for backpacker.

  • Duration of Backpacking: More than 5 days

This last duration is something called a special or maybe professional travelling duration. If you belong to this group, using backpack with a capacity of 80+ L could be the right choice. The 80+L backpacks have a large enough space to be filled with items that you need during the long trip.

Then, which is the best?

Although I gave you a guide to choose the size of the backpack as I described above, but everything will be depending on your own taste, the conditions you will face, and your own needs. In spite of the capacity owned, you should consider what material used to create or make the backpack. You should consider based on the conditions you will face, for example if you will get a rainy area, it is better for you to choose backpacks that have water resistant feature. The water resistant feature functions as protector of such sensitive electronic tools from water. Don’t let your electronic tools, such as camera, damaged by rainwater. Some backpackers only focus on the backpack capacity without considering what called a protection from water.

water resistant

The last thing you should consider is security matter, what I mean is you should ensure your backpack is equipped with some padlock keys. You must be aware that travelling far away will bring some unexpected risks, one of them is theft. By adding some padlock keys attached to your backpack, then you will minimize the risk of theft.