Are you running out of breath when you are pregnancy? Pregnancy respiratory disorders are on the common side and now the question would be what can be done about it. Once your pregnancy progresses you may start to feel winded with even a small amount of physical exertion. Those hormones of pregnancy are there to take away your breath away.  You need to have an idea about respiratory disorders during pregnancy to make a move on.

Do you think shortness of breath is common when you are pregnant?

With mild breathlessness could prove to be a bit uncomfortable, it is rated to be normal. This proves to be completely safe for the baby who is well oxygenated via the placenta.

When is the time when the shortness of breath does take place during pregnancy?

The shortness of breath does take place during the second trimester of pregnancy. The problems associated with breathing are going to increase once you move ahead in the phase of pregnancy.

What are the main reasons on why shortness of breath occurs during pregnancy?

With pregnancy hormones it stimulates the brain to enhance the depth and frequency of your breaths. This means that the baby has to take in more oxygen than what is expected from them. In fact the muscles of the lungs relax replicating a situation where you are sucking a wind pipe after making a trip to the fridge.

Once you reach towards the end of pregnancy the uterus goes on to push against the diagraph, once it grows. This does compresses the lungs restricting their ability to fully expand when you are taking breath. It would seem to you that you have gone on to run a marathon whereas you just climbed a few stairs.

What could be done to get rid of shortness of breath when you are pregnant?

Though it is not possible to get rid of the symptoms of shortness of breath when you are pregnant, there are some symptoms that would help you to reduce the impact a bit

  • Stand in a straight manner as far as possible. If proper posture is maintained it would provide lungs more space to expand
  • To maintain the best position for circulation sleep on the left side
  • During pregnancy you are going to continue with your daily activities as well as exercising. Pay attention to the needs of your body and do not push hard
  • At whatever juncture it is possible do take things easy

What can be done if you are facing with the issue of shortness of breath during pregnancy?

If you are prone to shortness of breath on a regular basis, discuss with your doctor. Sometimes anaemia during pregnancy could be the reason behind this that means the red blood cells are eradicated. The doctor would like to check your iron levels. If you have asthma does consult with your doctor as well. If a rapid pulse or chest pain is witnessed get in touch with your doctor.