Pakistani dramas are always worth to watch. They are not only famous in our country but the people living in Middle East also find it worthy to watch. I am not saying this because I am Pakistani but if you don’t believe then you really need to watch the serials and then compare. Surely you will find the fact in our dramas and it will convince you to praise the drama makers, writers and actors.

Broadcasting of Pakistani dramas in the Neighboring country like India is also the proof of achievement of Pakistani dramas and their popularity in the country.  It also may be a reason for the dramas to be popular in India as the Urdu language has strong similarities to Hindi.  Pakistani dramas are booming success, praise and appreciation in India and they are also treating best to the new dramas.  Also new channels are being launched for only the Pakistani serials to be broadcasted in India which is hopefully a positive attitude between two countries.

Pakistani dramas are not only popular in India but countries like Canada, US and UK also present our dramas on their TV channels.

These can be the reasons for the popularity of the dramas in other countries.

  • Writers plays an important in making drama to be the best

Writers of the Pakistani dramas always exhibit real life situations with relatable characters and settings. They emphasis on realism rather than showing the unnecessary story like the story of all dramas (they wake up, nothing to do but to put a lot of makeup and heavy clothes) no normal routine or realism is shown in that kind of dramas). Why they don’t think that people don’t have to do with all this routine which only makes them bored and irritate. They need to spend their valuable time in watching valuable things not in watching all the time their clothes and their jewelry. But unfortunately, there are people who like to watch these dramas. I salute to their patience that how they can bear this at all.

  • Story of the dramas

Story of the Pakistani TV dramas is exaggerated up to the certain limit to ensure it is entertaining. Not up to the limit where people find it boring to watch and thinks that the story has finished and they are forcefully extending the drama for their own sake not for the audience to provide entertainment and relevant material.

  • Actors role must be filled with emotions

 Emotions are the key to our Pakistani dramas it only aims to amplify a certain emotion in the audience which makes dramas more attractive to watch when the actors fully portray themselves in the story. Luckily we have actors who are blessed with this talent that play their role very well.

The simplicity of the dramas with which story is portrayed on screen, the great talent of the writers and the actors, scripts and music are the reasons which make our dramas to be popular in other countries.