It is imperative that any registered business in Dublin, Ireland, maintains wholly accurate records of its business from the very beginning. For any company, working with an experienced accountant and auditor for precise recording of a business’s accounts is an absolute requirement for many reasons. It is important for any business to be able to accurately complete an audit for its shareholders.

An audit is an effective tool for business management. An internal audit can ensure that the business procedures have been completely and correctly adhered to. An internal audit helps management to explore suggestions for future improvement and to examine the options for formulating the prospective future strategies of a company.

Audits involve a comprehensive verification of accounting records, this can greatly help to uncover any errors or potential frauds. It can also promote a moral check through which efficiency levels of employees can also be identified.

While an auditor may not necessarily be closely involved in the day to day management of a business, an audit of a company’s accounts is of great benefit to its investors and shareholders. An independent audit provides a trustworthy second opinion on an organisation’s financial statements and can offer invaluable insights into how well a business is managed. For company’s accountants and its finance directors, an independent audit can confidently offer a further assurance to them from an impartial and completely thorough review of all figures.


An auditors job in Dublin is to examine a business’s internal control systems and finances. Audits review a company’s protocols and many of these internal control systems have normally been established through the specific design of computer systems. This process of ensuring that the control of authorisation of transactions is consistently managed according to clear rules and policies. The knowledge of knowing that these control systems are satisfactorily strong and are operating properly is also extremely reassuring.

One of the advantages of an audit, be it internally and externally, is that it offers a professional assertion that management has confidently and knowledgably presented a fully correct and fair view of a company’s position and financial performance.

An audit is typically driven by a business necessity to ensure the accuracy of accounts so that any business enterprise can accurately demonstrate its balance sheet, financial statements and profit and loss accounts financial statements to interested parties. This may include its shareholders or the Revenue Commissioners office.

For the majority of businesses, including registered charities and clubs, publication of annual, audited accounts is a legal requirement. Having independent and impartial auditors confirm an organisation’s statements about its current financial position and the processes that drive that these claims are factual and rational is invaluable to a variety of parties.

Whether you represent a company that needs an auditor to take care of your accounts or you are a professional individual who wants to embark on the often challenging but always rewarding journey of working as a registered auditor in Ireland, making contact with Quest Recruitment in Dublin should be the next stage of your voyage.