Manchester is situated in the North-West of England on the banks of the river Irwell. The population of this city is more than half a million people. In our days, touristic tours to Manchester can be your real chance to touch the history. Nevertheless, Manchester is a green city. Have you ever heard about “Green Corridor”? This is specially-developed system of hiking routes, connecting the most of the city parks. It spreads from North to South of Manchester through the city center and Eastern districts.

Each of routes is about 4 miles long – the most optimal hiking distance. There are 14 routes: they are connected with parks and squares. It is also important to get into the hiking zone from all Manchester districts. All routes are equipped with the informational boards, where you can find everything about the surrounding atmosphere.


Heaton Park

Being in Manchester, you may have a hot desire to spend the whole day in the open air. Welcome to Heaton Park out of hand. It is situated in the very Northern part of the city. If you like golf and want to try yourself to win this aristocratic game, visit the park territory – there is a good golf-center here. Do you want to play football? Catch your chance!
Do you like animals and want to meet then with your children? – Welcome to the park nature corner, where all kinds of farm and domestic animals are situated. You can inspect their territory, ruffle their fur, and take care of them. There is always a bee yard here! Come and see! Probably, your kids have never seen the hairy-flower bees – this is the right place to start.

Heaton Park is a nice opportunity to ride a horse – they live right here, in the park. However, you can also ride a tram or boat in the park territory. It is not a secret that there is big water storage with the colorful beaches on the banks. To be honest, the weather in the North of England usually does not suggest swimming. But you can always laze in the sun.
The territory of park is full of surprises: there is a hammer shop of 18th century, restored and renewed. The building is beautiful! Moreover, the park is always full of various events for children and adults: dramatic groups, golf competitions, yoga sections. Barbeque is prohibited! Oh, it does not mean that you will walk hungry – in case you forgot your lunch at home, there is a cozy cafe, where your family can get some tea, coffee or something substantial.


Fletcher Moss Park & Botanical Gardens

This is Great Park that gathered the richest collection of plants from all over the world. Fletcher Moss kindly presented this territory to Manchester in 1919. Later, this park became a big important part of Manchester “Green Corridor”. Simply saying, this is a beautiful park that occupies about 4 hectares, impressing with the variety of plants and animals world. Moreover, there are many cafes, tennis-court, football and rugby fields, where you can try yourself in professional game.

Nevertheless, the central place in the park belongs to plants world. Alpine gardens, waterfalls, lakes, surrounded by ferns, irises and other splendid plants are found side by side with palms, cedars, cypresses, and mulberry. There is a Stony Garden here! The next great park advantage is orchids greenhouse.

Fletcher Moss Park was awarded with a Green Flag – a national award for parks, gardens and other green zones. The Society of Bird Protection was created in this park by progressive youth. They clamored against using birds feathers for clothes and interior decoration. You can learn more right here!

Castle Field Park

Many years ago, the territory of Great Britain was captured by Romans. They established big cities and small forts here. Castle Field is one of those forts. Of course, there were times, when Castle Field was an industrial district. All that you can see today is industrial ruins, storage rooms, hangers and bridges. What is more, the park is surrounded by the system of channels, where the boats and yachts make their trips.

The territory is clean and green. Castle Field is not only the best place for walking and learning the city history, but also a real paradise for all photographers. This is the right place, where the museum of sciences and industry is situated. You can learn the big collection of ancient locomotives, and ride a retro-tram. There are many pubs and bars, where tired people usually have their lunch.


Walkden Gardens

If you like enjoying nature, Walkden Gardens is the best place for you. This huge territory was turned into a beautiful garden. It was the property of Garry Walkden, the industrialist, whose private residence you can meet on Derbyshire Road up to now. That man presented all his broad acres to Manchester before his death in 1949. He asked to use that territory as a park zone. As you can see, his last will was carefully followed. As a result, people can walk in the park – a truly beautiful picture.

Silk green lawns, bright colors and aromatic intoxicating flowers, the big variety of trees and bushes, walking pathways, green fences – all these became the reason why Walkden Gardens were many-times awarded with the prestigious ecological symbol – Green Flag. The most amazing place in the park is a huge fenced lawn, placed about 500 people all together, where different entertaining events usually take place in summer.

Besides, you can visit a real Japanese Garden, get through the famous arc, decorated with Italian glicines – the best place for wedding pictures, and admire the dovecot, dated of 19th century. The variety of colors, weird forms, fresh smells and people’s work cannot leave you cold. Moreover, Northern British city is not a place, where glicines used to grow! The entrance is free.

English Manchester is familiar to everybody as one of the biggest industrial centers of Great Britain. The climate guarantees the equally cool weather during the whole year. The average temperature in summer is +22, in winter – no less than 0. So, the nature is really worth visiting! Speaking about parks, it would be silly to admit a great variety of rental car services. Nevertheless, Manchester is the right place for driving car comfortably: a nice try to get to any park you chose for your family picnic, especially, since your vacation time always flies quickly.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer who likes to write about the destinations where she travels and her experience about the place.