The flashlight is one of the exceptional and supersedes others in the market. With superb features, long battery life, convenience in use, and the powerful glow that serves different occasions, which comprise high, low, medium, and strobe, the flashlight prides itself as the best in the current societies. Moreover, the fact that the flashlight is 75% off the actual price is another feature that makes it a must have in every household. It is important to note even though the product carries the tag ‘Military Grade Tactical Flashlight’, purchase and use is not limited to the military. Campers, hunters, fighters, and virtually everybody can use the product. To avoid fakes and counterfeits, which have flooded the market, it is important to make the purchase through authentic websites that belong to the company, which include .


Materials Used

Apparently, the materials used in the manufacture of the product are high end and exceptional. The product manufacturers use aircraft aluminium, a metal that is durable, resilient, and long lasting. Use of aircraft aluminium is one of the features that make the product the best in relation to others found in contemporary markets. It is fundamental to note that the use of aircraft aluminium is a factor that places the product in the military category and makes it the best choice that one can make in the market.

Extended Battery Life

Consequently, the product uses 2AA batteries, a feature that makes it very convenient to use. This is because several other similar products in the market need a number of batteries, which may be larger as opposed to the G700 Tactical Flashlight. In addition, the battery life is relatively long because the product consumes low amount of energy.

Low Power Consumption

By consuming low energy levels, it implies that, one will not need to move around with a range of batteries and swap them frequently. Instead, a person will enjoy a continuous flow of light for long hours without worrying about change of batteries. Amazingly, the product is rechargeable using any USB port, and thus, one can recharge it using the USB of a car or even a laptop.

Design and Shape

The product is sleek and appealing owing to the design followed in its manufacture, which makes it irresistible to purchase whenever an individual comes across the product. The sleek shape and design of the product is one of the factors that make it very convenient to use and carry around. As opposed to others that have similar amount of light, the product is small and light to carry. The bright ray and range of services produced by the flashlight can only match that of large products.

By lighting up about 2,000 feet with a ray of 700 lumens, the quality of light that it produces can only match that of large flashlights. In relation to the shape, the product has a resilient design that utilise sharp or bevelled edges useful in the advent of a close confrontation. Therefore, the importance of the product in the market and to potential consumers of flashlights is something that individuals cannot underscore.