Have you decided to sell a product (home, meals, phone, earrings, virtually all) and want to post your ad for free (preferably) where the internet. But where to leave this ad online and how to formulate it?

It would be several options available, but most of the ads are posted and often forgotten, that often does not have enough of that site more traffic, and you sit and wait for customers to sell your product (or service) to nesfarist. It’s difficult to stand out online especially when there are so many sites and so many people selling stuff. You need to know to select locations that are beneficial and would help to win as many potential customers. So, you have a choice and get a satisfactory price.


So you have to put a little more effort needed to win audience. To this end, we created this online platform free ads: PublicitateGratuita.com. It’s a website accessible to all and can leave as various ads, including offering (maybe you’re a consultant, or maybe you’re a web developer and search clients). What we do for you? Well, first of all it will not cost you anything to let your announcement online with us. In the second one after another, we take care of website promotion (and thus of your ad), for it to reach through favorable positions on Google. So, with more traffic, and your announcement will have multiple views.

Why I want us to do this? We love the idea of the existence of such platforms intermediation between sellers and buyers. And of course, following a financial interest (what to do, we also have costs). But we prefer that Handcrafts be open and honest from the beginning: you want to leave a free online ad with us? You! You want that want to receive attention even more special? You can promote a small fee. And so we help each other.

Because PublicitateGratuita.com/ is relative to the beginning, we want to increase our community. And we really want to give our best interest that your announcement online to be viewed and to receive offers. And if you’re satisfied and we will be!

What to do exactly? Well, register on PublicitateGratuita.com (free, of course), login and then you have to post your announcement online. Fill out a form asking you about your product (what exactly you sell) put some pictures (so you would increase your chances of promotion) and ready, click on the button: publish your ad for free 🙂

After that, we do our best as your announcement to be viewed by people who have. Promote intense social websites, specialized websites and we contact people and tell them about our offer! Everything takes time, but so sure that that announcement will be posted online for nothing.

We are a free online classifieds site and we want to let you enjoying our services. Together we help to develop ourselves. We want to offer our clients all the information needed to write an interesting and attractive online ad. We are willing to communication anytime

and if I could help, we will. Porbabil, if you tried and you know how difficult it is to promote yourself online and communicate with customers that you need. Especially if you’re a small business appeared again, or actually you just want to sell your phone.

So come on PublicitateGratuita.com if you want to stand out! Place your ad online for free and let us increase our online community ads!