You know it is the time to pop that question.  What’s next, to plan for the proposal and buy the engagement ring.  Buying an engagement ring for your fiancée is a very important task.  Though the ambience, setting and words to propose to her is important as well, the ring is of the utmost important as it symbolises your love for her.  It will greatly affect the answer that you want to hear from her, to say yes to your proposal.  Hence, it is important to know some tips in searching for THE engagement ring.

Though there is always a saying that cost of the engagement ring shouldn’t less than two months of your pay.  If this is causing a strain to your wallet, please do not follow this saying.  Choose one that you can afford, so that it does not strain you financially and make you a blissful man when she says yes.  Assuming you have a budget in mind of 1000, you can read through the below tips to help you find the best engagement rings under 1000 dollars, to make it an unforgettable proposal.

  1. Find out her preferred style and cut

By giving her a ring that is of her preferred style and cut will increase your chances of getting her nod.  It shows that you are sincere in asking for her hand.  It also shows the effort that you have put in to find the ring to make her say yes.  You will definitely melt her heart when she sees the ring that she adores.  For the style and cut, there are a lot of different styles in the market, ranging from Diamond solitaire, Classic halo and Vintage-inspired rings.


To suss out her preferred style, try to go shopping with her at the malls or online shopping.  From the shopping experiences, try to see what types of rings she browses, catch her attention.  See what type of rings make her eyes lit up.  In addition, do observe what her preferred colour, some like blue, is while others like black.  Some prefer white gold, while others prefer yellow gold.  Most ladies will definitely like diamonds in their rings as they signify everlasting love.

  1. Find the right ring size

If the ring chosen is not her ring size, no matter how pretty the design of the ring is or if the ring, it will spoil the whole mood and setting.  The message of an ill-fitting ring sent across to her is definitely a bad one, especially on your love for her.  For the ring size, the average woman’s ring size is about 6.  To know her ring size, try to gain access to her jewelry box, this will be the best place for you to find the right ring size.  Alternatively, try going shopping with her and ask her to try on some rings, to find out the ring size.

With the above tips in mind, you will have less stress searching for diamond engagement rings for under 1000.  You will be able to find a ring that she likes and makes you happy for winning the hand of the woman that you want to journey with for the rest of your life.