Believe it or not, the secret to gorgeous skin in beauty and fashion advertising is not always Photoshop.  Occasionally it’s actually clean, healthy skin that, once coupled with complementary products, can result in a beautiful end-result that can seem almost unreal.

Melbourne Makeup Artist Bernice Mansfield frequently shoots beauty and skin campaigns and has first-hand insight on the effects of good makeup that has been specifically selected for the model’s skin tone and texture.  A look that may have worked well on one person can give quite underwhelming results on another and nothing will show this up more than close up photography.  It’s true that commercial advertising campaign photos are tweaked in the post-processing stage within an inch of their life.  However, it’s also important to recognise the level of professional makeup application involved to give the final look as much realistic beauty as possible.  Product selection is paramount, and this is of equal importance in bridal makeup as it is in fashion makeup.

fashion makeup

Educating models in skin care comes a close second.  It is important not only to “feed” the skin long-term but also ensure last minute that everything is done to create a natural base for the makeup team to work with.  Too often models haven’t had near enough water in the 48hrs leading up to a shoot or worse, had a lot of alcohol and no sleep.  Beyond that badly applied fake tans or sunburns only add to the problems that need to be dealt with on shoot day.  These problems can show through right to the retouch phase creating more work, and inevitably, a look that may not have been close to realistic.

All this translates to Bridal Makeup, too.  Products again need to be “married” in a harmonious manner to the Bride’s skin.  Simply preselecting a product because it’s a particular brand or is the makeup artist’s favourite will lead to a result that has been pre-determined without any real consultation on what will actually benefit the bride.  Having the experience to be able to offer a professional consultation and flexible application will ensure the bride walks away with a long lasting, natural and beautiful makeup.  Makeup that can hold up to kisses, dancing and a long day but also stand up to photography whether it be natural or flash photography.

Bridal Makeup

In summary, there is no 100% guarantee to achieving photo-ready skin.  It’s a combination of pre-care hydration, specifically selected makeup products, an experienced makeup artist and a team to shoot the final product that knows how to light skin.  The emphasis on experience cannot be overstated as product matching to a models skin comes from makeup artists that have truly seen a thousand faces and dealt with the challenges that come with each one of us being unique.