If your second home is the Great Outdoors then you live in a Horsetooth’d state of mind. Our apparel was created for those who get excited about the adventures a great mountain trail can provide, people who love a great sunset, and those who live for the weekend. We create fun, comfortable clothing that’s suitable for any adventure life takes you on.

When you are spending time outdoors, you want to stay cool and comfortable all day long. You also want to have clothing that will move along with you, and won’t restrict any of your activities. Horsetooth’d clothing was designed for those who live the rugged lifestyle and people who dedicate their down time to staying in the mountains. If your idea of a perfect weekend involves camping, fishing, or hiking, then the Horsetooth’d clothing line is made for you.

The Horsetooth’d brand was started by Rob Benson, who lives near the Horsetooth Mountain Park in Colorado. After starting an Instagram account for the park that showcased all the things to see and do in the area, a small community of fans came together to show their love, support, and dedication for their park. That fan base began to grow and inspired Rob to create a clothing line that would represent the laid back attitude of those who called Fort Collins and Northern Colorado their home.

Horsetooth’d brand clothing features images that represent popular spots inside Fort Collins’ parks. You can find everything you need to give your wardrobe the extra boost of chill that it needs for a weekend getaway to the mountains. There are trucker hats and tanks, as well as T-shirts for Men, Women, and Children. There are also comfortable hoodies for the entire family, and packs of mix and match stickers for decorating your backpack, car, or camper.

The unisex t-shirts and tanks are made from ring-spun cotton material and each item is made in the USA. The shirts are screenprinted in Fort Collins, CO. Sizes available include S through XL for Children’s clothing and XS through 2XL for Adult. Most shirt designs are available in more than one color, so that you can choose your favorite, or buy more than one in each variety.

These shirts make excellent souvenirs for anyone who has visited Horsetooth Mountain Park or Lory State Park in the past. Or if you are planning on visiting the area, order a few items ahead of time so that you will already feel like a local before you arrive.

Horsetooth’d clothing is made by people who love and appreciate the beauty of their community. The peaceful morning hikes and memorable camping adventures help inspire the brand to create fun designs and apparel that is made to last. Whether you call Colorado your home, or you simply love the freedom of the outdoors, you can be sure that the Horsetooth’d brand has a shirt, hat, or hoodie that will soon become your favorite piece of activewear. The clothing may be purchased online, or at local shops in the Fort Collins area.