If you are going to be responsible for managing employees, or if you are the boss at your own enterprise, taking on a leadership role is mission critical and part and parcel for any business that is going to succeed.

At the same time, different bosses and managers have different leadership styles – just like different employees are looking for different things from their bosses and their managers. It’s critical that you do everything you can to mesh your leadership approach with those that are looking for that kind of leadership in the first place to skyrocket your success, improve your efficiency, and boost the happiness of everyone involved in your enterprise.

Here are some of the things that employees are valuing most when it comes to the leadership of those in charge.

Positive leadership is mission critical

Study after study shows that a positive leader is an effective leader, particularly with the millennial generation.

In years past – and in generations past – the hard-nosed leader that led by fear and intimidation was a lot more successful than they are today. Today’s worker is looking for positive reinforcement, coldness and steadiness in the face of adversity, and real optimism even when things seem to be falling apart.

Humor is prized by employees as well

A big part of fantastic leadership in the business world today is also having the ability to cut through tension or diffuse tense situations with a solid sense of humor. You don’t necessarily have to be the next great standup comedian to be an effective leader, but a quality sense of humor will go a long way towards improving the work of your employees.

Solid communication skills are a must

There isn’t anyone that appreciates fuzziness, confusion, or crossed signals when it comes to communication with the boss or those in a leadership position. You have to work on your communication skills so that they are as developed as possible, building communication skills that translate across all of your teams or all of your employees.

These communication skills are incredibly important when you have to have tough conversations or convey difficult decisions to your team.

Trustworthiness is at the top of the list

At the end of the day, when you are responsible for people in a business environment, they need to know that they can come to you with issues that may be sensitive, that they can tell you that they have come up short after giving it their all without fear or negative consequences, and that they are able to trust you to put them in the best possible situation to leverage their skills and their talents.

The best leaders in the business world – as well as the best leaders in general – the kind of people that can inspire trust, can get people to buy into the system and play their part as best they are able to, and are able to get more out of their employees or their charges than their employees or their charges would have ever thought possible on their own.

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