Back in the day getting clothes dry cleaned from the dry cleaners was considered as an expensive thing and that was mainly done by the upper class. Thanks to vast technical developments, and the good thinking of some dry cleaners like Kitsilano dry cleaner that began offering their dry-cleaning services at lower rates. Instead of the low rates they offer best quality services. But unfortunately, today, due to a hike in prices, people once again are moving towards the practice of washing their clothes at home.

Here are some factors that will help you understand better the difference between washing your clothes at home versus at a Professional dry-cleaning center.

Dry Cleaning:

  1.  One thing to consider is that they are all professional and have expertise in the field of cleaning cloths. At the dry cleaners, the dry-cleaning worker first looks at your clothes to see if there are any tears, stains, or missing buttons. Then they then tag them with an identification mark so they don’t mix up your clothes from the other customers. And it will make your cloths safer from getting lost.
  2. After you leave, the dry-cleaning worker starts the laundry-cleaning process, which begins by removing any stains with help of a stain remover and make it cleare.
  3. After removing any stains, the dry-cleaning worker cleans the clothes in the dry-cleaning machine. During this process, a solvent is added, which helps remove stubborn stains from the clothes. Once the clothes are dried, the dry-cleaning worker irons and packs your clothing. After that their work will finish and you can go there and collect your cloths.

Washing Your Cloths at Home:

If you are planning to dry clean your cloths at home then you must need to buy a kit that includes stain removers, dryer activated cloths and a reusable dryer bag. This will be a real task.

When dry cleaning clothes at home, you will also be required to remove stains with a stain remover solvent and rub the clothes when removing those stains. When doing this you need to be cautious when applying the solvent on the cloth. You should only apply a small portion of solvent to the cloth.

It will take a lot of your time to make them clean and not only that you will have to press them to make them look good.


Although both cleaning processes get the job done of cleaning, today people have less time to spend cleaning their clothes at home. While dry cleaning seems more expensive up front, it actually is cost effective in the long run because of how much time it saves you. It’ll help save your time also as they were professional they will take care of your cloths better than anyone can do.