I always plan my trips abroad in advance, and take my time doing online research. It generally pays off because this way you get to stay in the best hotels at the best prices, and get a good idea of the best restaurants to visit, and also which places should be avoided. But in the case of Munich, I was able to learn so much more thanks to coming across the website “Munich for a Visit”. This very useful web portal provides insights into everything you need to know about Munich from upcoming concerts to sporting activities and the best historical and cultural attractions.

I was sorry my trip to Munich this year did not include the awesome Oktoberfest beer festival, but due to work commitments I had to come back to the UK by the middle of September. However, I am determined to be in Munich for the festival in 2016, as the Bavarian Oktoberfest is the biggest and most famous festival of its kind in the world, and something that no serious beer drinker such as me should dare to miss!

This visit was my second visit to Munich, and just like the first time I was delighted with the city; the local people are so friendly, there are so many amazing restaurants and bars that you literally do not know where to go first – and Munich culture is second to none. Whether you are a student or an old-age pensioner you will find plenty to inspire you and keep you busy in Munich. Because of this, it is vital to visit arrive in the city with a very well prepared itinerary, or you will possibly miss out on some of the best attractions.

The sightseeing opportunities in Munich are the main reason that people visit this spectacular city, but the simple fact there are so many places to see makes things a little complicated if you do not have the right information to hand. Munich for a Visit has a detailed page on every attraction, and allows visitors to register (which takes less than a minute) and you can then save your favourite destinations to your account in a personal notepad – giving you easy access to the information on each attraction when you are actually in Munich from your smartphone or tablet.

QR codes make mobile browsing a snap, and in addition you can even listen to the information rather than read it, so there’s no need to miss any of spectacular sights with your head down looking at a mobile device.

I’ve never seen a travel site that allows you to access all the content so easily across multiple devices without even needing to download an app. In addition, the site is designed and kept up-to-date by locals, you can be sure the information is correct and current. After all, let’s face it; nobody has better advice on the top places to visit in the city than the locals!

Planning well in advance means you will not miss out on any of the important attractions when exploring the beautiful city of Munich, and without doubt the best site to help you with this is Munich for a Visit. So don’t leave for your holidays without checking out the site – as like me you will be delighted that you did!