Sri Lanka is located in the Indian Ocean, just south of India. Once called as the Dominium of Ceylon and frequently known as the tea nation, tea plantations plentifully flourish across the island, with spice gardens, coconut trees and banana palms growing haphazardly to produce a jungle of natural resources. Kandy is located in the center of Sri Lanka that deserves travelers’ interest. It is the cultural city of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka

Animals, people, and transport seem to live alongside with no hatred towards each other. At the side of roads dogs bask in the sun or roam uselessly, goats and cows wonder around all over the place, even on the beaches and public is everywhere, whether cycling, walking, using a motorbike, tuc-tuc, with 5 astride, in a truck, bus, taxi, or car, all takes up a space of the not too broad road. However co-exist they do, there is no annoyance at being jammed behind a truck, just a short hooting of the horn to tell I am here and would like to get ahead of, graciousness thrives and the sounds and expression are all of kindliness, within a nation which truly requires help at redeveloping itself after the tsunami. Population is poor and still cheerfulness is all over…. Not only for the kid on the hip or the one at their side, however for tourists and expats too. Well-known for prevailing Buddhist culture, Kandy Sri Lanka is the main tourist destination of this nation.

Kandy Sri Lanka

Travelers fluctuate towards the resorts and few attempt the areas a little outside of these areas, to live through a quieter less beleaguered holiday. One can find small pockets of expats, dotted all over the island. When you come across these individuals and talk about life on the island, there is not much to carp about. Yes, at times the water or electricity gets turned off; yes the internet speed is not as fast as it should be. Isn’t that how most individuals think in developed nations anyway: In this small piece of glory, expats are not too worried that it takes a slightly longer to do things here, the individuals are ready to wait, not too hurried to move forward too fast. There was a lot of concern and talk about the safety and elections within the nation and there are even now road blocks and army personnel/police with guns roaming around keeping peace if essential. But, with 70 percent of the populace being Buddhists, the way of life is peaceable and life simplistic. This is really a wonderful part of the world.