Angkor-Wat-in-CambodiaSo you want to go on vacation but like the common man, you’re worried about the budget. Nothing to be ashamed of, a vacation can dip into your bank account a long way; tickets, accommodation and meals can cost a lot, not to mention other costs that you’ll incur like entertainment. However, don’t worry you can still experience a great vacation at an economical price. Consider the following countries for your holiday – they are as beautiful as they are economical.


This destination is as affordable as they come. You’ll find beds for less than $10 and three meals a day for even less. Cambodia is popular among backpackers, school leavers and people who want a luxurious 5 star holiday without the usual high cost that accompany such vacations. If you are looking for the latter, check out De La Paix, a luxury hotel with wood interiors, grand beds and free Wi-Fi access. It gives you all this for a modest price of $300 a night which as far as five star hotels go is virtually free. This hotel is also close to the famous Angkor Wat Archaeological Park. Visit this park at dawn for a serene and soothing experience – access tickets cost less than 5 bucks. The bottom line is that if you’re not after a luxury holiday (which would cost you about $400 a day), in Cambodia a normal holiday would cost you around $25-$30 dollars. Get the best deals to this great place through Corporate Express Travel.


While a five star stay in Delhi or a shopping spree in Mumbai’s designer shops will cost you as much as doing the same in Dubai, if you stay away from these activities, the cost of living in India extremely low. For $20 you can live like a Raj and this includes the cost of traveling in good trains. Since India is huge do a little research on which states you want to visit. Head to Rajasthan in western India for a treat of the senses or relax in the white sands of Kerala in the south part of the country. Whichever place you decide to visit, do go and see the Taj Mahal, the crown jewel of the country.


The country’s historic capital, Budapest is on the list of many tourists. The best part? You don’t need to dish out bucket loads of cash to enjoy a stay in this capital. There are mouth-watering cakes, strong liquor and great thermal spas to enjoy. Meals cost around $5, train tickets less than $3 and rooms for around $17, staying in Budapest is as cheap as places go. Budapest will treat you to great history, amazing architecture, good food and a calm quiet countryside where you can relax. It also has the biggest lake in central Europe, Lake Balaton in western Hungary.

Sri Lanka

Another very underrated tourist destination, Sri Lanka offers travelers fine sands, cloud piercing mountains, waterfalls and palm trees along great beaches. For $25 you can live in a good place, for $50 you’ll be living royally. It has jungles for you to explore and friendly locals to meet.