Surprising benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women

Morning sickness, nausea, shortness of breath, back pain, and irregular blood pressure are quite common symptoms among the pregnant women. They get used to such unavoidable pain and find it quite obvious during pregnancy. Although these signs are common but you can reduce the intensity of the pain to some extent under chiropractic care.  Read on to know how it can help you stay fit and active when a baby

Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions: Ancestral Remedies From The Land Of 1001 Treasures

After being asked for decades to share her Persian grandmother’s treasure trove of natural ancient remedies, beauty and wellness expert Firozé has finally penned a book. Mamanjoon’s Secret Potions is the much-anticipated compendium of healing salves, tonics, and elixirs, the Iran-born Firozé inherited from her extraordinary Mamanjoon. Handed down by many generations of wise women, the homespun recipes have been lovingly collected by Firozé who has shared them for many

Common Reasons Why Addicts Fail To Get Treatment

Whether you are addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, junk food, or anything else, an addiction is still and addiction, and if left unaddressed, it can potentially destroy you and those that you care about. Watching somebody that you care about struggle with an addiction is truly awful, but there are many positives to focus on, including the fact that there are countless former addicts out there, previously addicted to

What Are Methyl Folate Supplements?

When it comes to improving your health, there is no better investment than harnessing the help of a methyl folate supplement. Methyl folate is the most  bio-identical form of folic acid and may be able to help you find solutions for the first time to medical conditions that you have been suffering from. How does methyl folate work? Methyl folate is used by the body for many important functions. However,

The Advantages of a Spiritual Retreat

Going to a spiritual retreat does not have to feel like being in a strict classroom session. Positive spiritual change can rather be achieved by focussing on exercises and activities which support your mental vitality. A typical saying is that the body is home for the soul. In circumstances where an individual is at the point that they are feeling irate and stressed feelings with no clear outside cause to

5 Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can occur for various reasons. It may result from a vascular disease, diabetes, neurological condition, prostate treatment and surgery. Sometimes it is as simple as a side effect of a certain medication. Treatment depends on the cause and it is important to consult a doctor before pursuing any sort of treatment. Your doctor will find a medical explanation for your condition, and your overall health and medical history