Finding “THE” Engagement Ring

You know it is the time to pop that question.  What’s next, to plan for the proposal and buy the engagement ring.  Buying an engagement ring for your fiancée is a very important task.  Though the ambience, setting and words to propose to her is important as well, the ring is of the utmost important as it symbolises your love for her.  It will greatly affect the answer that you

Revival Of Pakistani Drama Industry

Dramas in the past have played an important role in the upheaval of our media industry. Many illustrious dramas have galvanized our generations. Pakistani industry has started making many traditional dramas. The inventive writers, effectual directors and actors are a great part of this revolution. In the early 90’s, the esteemed dramas like ‘KHUDA KI BASTI’ in 1969, ANKAHI in 1982, DHOOP KINAREY in 1987 have put our industry at

Introducing 3 Legendary Fashion Spots of Florence

Today Florence is not simply a small medieval museum town, and many people go there not only to enjoy the splendor of Tuscan landscapes or explore the city sights. Florence is also a great place for shopping, chosen by people who appreciate style, quality and originality. However, even if you don’t plan to go shopping in Florence, you’d certainly enjoy taking a walk to some legendary places in Florence related

Wholesale Women’s Flats Business: What You Need To Know

When getting into a given wholesale business, it is always important for one to evaluate their chances o making it in a given industry. There are so many people who get into various industries without prior knowledge of how the business is done. Thus after investing all their hard-earned capital, they find their business collapsing with only a few months after they are started. Such people in most cases are

Fashion Ready Makeup

Believe it or not, the secret to gorgeous skin in beauty and fashion advertising is not always Photoshop.  Occasionally it’s actually clean, healthy skin that, once coupled with complementary products, can result in a beautiful end-result that can seem almost unreal. Melbourne Makeup Artist Bernice Mansfield frequently shoots beauty and skin campaigns and has first-hand insight on the effects of good makeup that has been specifically selected for the model’s

Online wholesale Women Fashion Tops is The Best Selling Strategy

Digital migration wave that has hit virtually all economies across the world has made majority if not all of business organizations to drop their traditional face-to-face methods of transacting and adopt online transactions or e-commerce. The fashion industry grows day in day out and thus the best way of selling women fashion tops is through online platforms. Note that online sales and marketing platforms provide real-time interaction with customers not