Are you thinking of buying a new home in different city or in other states? Why don’t you consider buying a new home in abroad! That could be a total investment for you if you are going to loan for a house and lot in Canada. Who knows after 5 or 10 years, maybe you can open up a business venture in Canada too? Well, before we go on too far, here’s a guide on how to process a loan for buying a second home overseas.

  • Before you consider buying a vacation home overseas you must weigh your expenses (and future mortgage of loaning a second home) and income. Home realtors normally check your income and capacity to pay up for a new home in another country.
  • Keep in mind that paying your loans in short-term would result to high mortgage but lower interest and other fees.
  • Get a real home estate agent in Canada that would be a help in picking the right home for you. Do not get scammed by them. It is suggested to look for a professional real estate specialist so you can give them your side of why you are buying a second home, how much is your budget and savings, what’s the best home for you, and other concerns that a true agent could answer.
  • Don’t forget to contact a parcel courier while setting up a loan for your second home. If you get approved then you need a shipping company to send your parcel to Canada.
  • Prepare and sign your documents that the home seller would be asking from you.
  • Check the conditions of the real estate team when it comes to interest, discounts, and down payments so you know what you need to do.
  • Even you are processing a home loan; it is the best for you to have a savings account that will keep you from hassle at worst times.
  • Sending your parcel to Canada if you get approved for the home loan of your second home should be as easy as visiting your courier’s website where you can arrange your deliveries. It should be shipped by the next day too if you hired the right parcel courier for you.

Most importantly, be firm and patient for processing your home loan. Just think of it this way, once your loan has been approved, you are now ready to  fly to Canada and spend your holiday vacations in your new comfy home!