Is your cabinet full of medicine, cream and lotions that claim to defy aging or your healthy hair?  Yes! Or else do you want to turn your clock back to when you had fewer wrinkles; your hair was shiner or your healthier nails?  Everybody loves to look young, they would be happy to pass five or say ten years younger than the age on their particular voter id card. Cosmetic and personal care products industry know the entire situation very well, that’s why they claim to be mountain of youth in form of cream or concealer.

But are you aware that your body holds the key to youthful energy and appearance? That is your inner ecosystem, those lines up with healthy micro flora (good bacteria and yeast, also known as probiotics) that reside in your intestines, keeping you healthy, strong…and yes, youthful. But


Unfortunately, many people today are dealing with damaged inner ecosystems from environmental toxins, which all include drugs, alcohol and a stressful lifestyle that has negative impact on their skin and hair that may eventually lead to hair loss. Clinicspots is such an online medical platform where you can get remedy for your problems right from hair loss to cost of hair transplant in delhi as well as doctors for hair transplant However, as we age, we start noticing issues related to our health, skin, hair that makes us wish we could turn back the clock. Nevertheless, here is an article that can deal with your hair loss problem.

Probiotics and Hair

  • Recent experiment has proved that Lactobacillus helps relieve certain skin allergy, such as irritation, inflammation and flaky scalp
  • As a result, to which the drug making companies have taken it one step further, claiming that probiotics also helps with the hair loss issues
  • But probiotics are not a solution for hair loss, especially not for them who suffer from hereditary

Then what about hair loss which is not hereditary? Can probiotics help in this?

  • We are as it is starving for our hair follicles, it adds cherry on the cake when we tend to fill our bodies with junk food, sugary drinks and many other harmful substances, because they don’t receive the appropriate nutrition as they require
  • Whereas, hair loss process is much more complex , if healthy eating put an end to hair loss
  • Without any doubt healthy eating is good for your health, your mental clarity, and your overall quality of life. But will it stop your hair loss? Unfortunately answer to this question is a big NO for hereditary problems.

Probiotics helps to increase the thickness of your hair

  • First signs of hair loss are the thinning of hair beautiful thick hair
  • Thinning hair marks the area that will become the primary area for total or near-total hair loss
  • Thick, strong hair is a mark of beauty; it’s also a sign of great healthy hair

Probiotics improves the growth of overall health

  • Might be you’re one of the lucky one who are not experiencing hair loss but all you want to improve the condition of your hair as soon as possible
  • But not to worry more, probiotics are here to enhance the overall health of your hair
  • Shiny hair is directly linked to your diet. Studies have shown that probiotics have a positive result on your blood pH levels that helps in resulting in a healthy shine
  • Probiotics are also useful in treating dandruff; they are an inexpensive and highly effective solution.

Probiotics Boost Hair Numbers

  • Thicker hair is not only the benefit that you get from taking probiotics
  • It also have the power to increase the number of hairs in multiples that grow
  • A study conducted that feeding probiotic-enriched yogurt to some mice while keeping another group on a normal diet
  • At the conclusion of the study, the mice that were fed the probiotic yogurt showed a dramatic increase in active hair follicles and overall body hair.

Which Probiotic Is The Best?

The most commonly used probiotic in is lactobacillus. When choosing a probiotic supplement, make sure that is the primary strain. Other helpful strains include:

  • Plantarum
  • Rhamnosus
  • Bifidum

How to Use it?

  • It totally depends upon the severity of the thinning or overall hair loss
  • It is recommended to take one to servings each day of probiotics and applying the probiotic cream directly to the scalp once a day
  • If your hair loss is not severe, than only oral supplement is sufficient.

Stop being embarrassed and distraught over your lost hair instead initiate something towards your hair. A probiotics supplement, is safe and natural solution that has been scientifically proven for lost hair.

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