It seems like the show is truly over for the .io version of Popcorn Time. This version was its most popular fork due to the availability of an easy user-interface that also protects users from malware and viruses. This application gained popularity owing to its ability to stream films and TV shows through torrents. This service is no longer available as the domain hosting this service is no longer available. But for those who still are looking to download Popcorn Time check out the alternative “Popcorn Time fork

Before its shutdown the team of developers had to face several problems for a complete week, finally driving them to the point that they gave in and accepted defeat. Several developers quit earlier when a decision was taken regarding the paid VPN service and its launch.

popcorn time

The developers who quit did not want to draw attention towards their services, and believe that the paid VPN would surely capture attention. They strongly believed that adding a paid element would lead to lawsuits. Even if the app was made legal, it would still be able to attract problems. However, now it is no longer possible for this problem to occur as the .io version of Popcorn Time has been shut down.

Butter created after split

The members of the team who did not want any legal liabilities decided to split off and created Butter, with the aim of keeping it legal at all costs. The developers of Butter Project are the ones who will be responsible for the technical development of the app, and the content being accessed through the website is not their chief concern.


Butter does not plan on staying connected to only Popcorn Time, and will be available as backend for any streaming applications. Commercial and free apps can access Butter to enhance the experience you offer. The users need not worry about the content since; the focus is on centralizing the innovation. Butter Project can be found on

Community edition

While Butter Project is developing, Popcorn Time has crashed and cannot be restored. Although attempts are being made to replace and restart Popcorn Time, the .io version will never be available again. The new version of Popcorn Time can be found on

There are other variations of Popcorn TV that are still active, however they offer no security. This is the reason why Time 4Popcorn has been unable to gain popularity. If one is not careful he/she might attacked by malware and viruses.