A wedding is a symbol of commitment, companionship, and love. As it is a major event in an individual’s life, there’s absolutely every reason to make it as memorable as possible. To enrich the experience, an all-encompassing wedding venue becomes essential.

Burge Binyamina is a befitting wedding venue for a dream destination wedding. The venue sets the mood for celebration and stuns you with its serenely magnificent ambiance. Its picturesque terraced garden is a desirable combination of classic and contemporary design styles.

Why should you choose Burge Binyamina?

Located in Binyamina Giv’at Ada in Israel, this wedding venue has hosted numerous events since it was first built in 1995. The marvelous architecture of the site holds great significance in Israeli history, which imbues a vintage feel to the venue. In stark contrast, the ambrosial lush garden gives it a more modern look.

Over the years, Burge Binyamina has entertained a series of themed weddings, right from Classic to Country. What makes the venue praiseworthy are its unique features and amenities, some of which have been listed below:

Seating/Standing Capacity

The venue has a seating capacity of around 600 and a standing capacity of 1500.

Food & Beverages

The catering unit of the venue can serve approximately 500-600 people.

Clients can choose any caterer from the list provided beforehand.

BYO permitted – The guests can get their own alcohol if they want to (corkage fee applicable).


The venue has ample space for parking vehicles.

It has designated smoking zones onsite.

It is handicap-accessible and pet-friendly.

A/V equipment is available indoors and outdoors.

Bridal suites are available onsite.

Dining chairs/tables are available.


Much to the delight of its clients, the venue does not adhere to any curfew policies. This provides clients with a great degree of flexibility to time their wedding activities as they please.

Powder Room/ Washroom Facilities

Onsite restrooms/changing rooms are available for guests.

Over the years, dozens of people have engraved their wedding-satisfaction on the venue with glee-filled smiles… an accomplishment that goes far beyond mere features and amenities. We take pride in creating such experiences, for they help Burge Binyamina become less of a stunning venue and more of a treasure-house of memories on your special day!