There are millions and millions of people in the present world and among them, there are many people who are facing different problems with their body which can be cured and some of them are not curable and they will have to stay bedridden forever. Even taking medicines sometimes might not show many results and so people are recommended to use steroids as per doctor prescription. Even while using steroids people might make some mistakes which will lead to severe body problem in further future and so there is a solution for it. Here comes Anavar cycle which is a method used by everyone all over the world. This prolonged use of Anavar will definitely help people in weight loss and also helps in getting very good muscles.

This anavar cycle is an extremely popular anabolic steroid cycle which is used for weight loss and in bulking and also this is a very useful method for all the people out there who are expecting for a great looking body and this cycle is used by almost everyone. This prolonged use of Anavar will mainly help people in who are not able to coup up with all those medications processes and also who underwent operations but are still bedridden. Being bedridden for a very long time will result in loss of muscle tissues in the body and so this Anavar cycle will definitely help them in building all the tissues back.

Results of cycle:-

  • This Anavar cycle is not a single type and there are numerous types of cycles available which are made for several reasons. This Anavar is not very much desirable for bulking up but it really does help people in boosting muscle mass and vascularity to some extent. It doesn’t provide very massive growth and improvement in body muscles and tissues is what people are looking for taking help of these cycles.
  • The quantity of dosage required will be very high just for a single dose which will help in bulking up and this is the reason why steroids like Anadrol will be used for experiencing superior cycle results.
  • This Anavar is also very good for women and really does completely help them in achieving growth of muscle but not the weight or fat in their bodies.
  • It does have very much limited side effects and also desirable weight loss will be achieved altogether. This Anavar cycle will definitely work on any woman or female body builder who is waiting for a great and strong body.

Cycles for women:-

In the initial stage of starting this Anavar cycle, every woman will first start at a dosage of 10-20 milligram per day and the results will be shown in and around almost 6 weeks.

Some people might start using in higher quantities i.e., 20 mg per day but this will result in some bad effects in the body. And it is very important to stop this after 6 weeks or else they are high possibilities of many side effects.