The business world is changing, with small businesses and emerging entrepreneurs providing highly targeted services and products for their clients. With all the information available to the masses, more and more people are being very precise what they eat, wear, use and buy. Small and large businesses today are looking to enhance the chosen lifestyle of their customers and stay above their competitors with innovation and creativity.

And as much as it is needed to be one step ahead in your offers, your marketing needs the same, if not more, creativity and forward thinking. Businesses and brands look to drive traffic to their stores or websites, provide incentives for potential clients to buy and reach big audiences in less time and reduced cost.

The one solution, which caters to those marketing initiatives has proven to be Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM is a USPS service, used by businesses to reach highly targeted areas and communities and analyze their results fast, efficiently and at fraction of the cost for regular ads and marketing campaigns.


  1. New on the market – Every new business aims to gain visibility in short time and find ways to increase their ROI. EDDM is the perfect solutions for newly opened businesses, to introduce their brand and business to communities literally overnight. Building awareness in specific large areas is quite difficult to achieve, but EDDM allows businesses to spread the word about their offers and reach thousands at the same time.
  2. Promotions and specials – Creating special promotions, available only to those receiving your printed mail materials, increases the reputation of your business and allows chosen circle of clients to benefit from it.
  3. Drive traffic – With EDDM you can drive traffic both to your physical store or your website. That way your potential sales increase and your brand moves into a leading position.
  4. New product launch or customer acquisition – Every business looks to provide tailored services and products to their audience, thus becoming the chosen brand in their industry. Regardless if you are launching a new product, or you are looking to acquire new customers, EDDM allows you to spread your message and introduce your offers directly to new and existing clients.
  5. Repetition with improvement – EDDM campaigns can be repeated often with a different message and content. Your brand will be recognized as one caring for its customers, when you mix and match the materials you send to every household – ex. Rotate between informational content, incentives, promotions, product introduction and event notification.
  6. Stand out from competitors – Using EDDM as your marketing strategy will position you above your competition and allow clients to naturally lean towards purchasing from you. EDDM is a great tool to build brand awareness and effortlessly show how you are different.

Many businesses are using EDDM for their advertising and is proud to partner with them and help organize their campaign, target areas with highest potential, ensure custom design and deliver top quality, affordable and exclusive printed marketing materials. Call at Phone: (713) 300-0687 or visit us online at