Keeping in mind the cut-throat competition at Hollywood, it’s anything but easy for a newbie to make an entry in this industry let alone coin quite a name for him/her. It takes a mix of both never-ending hard-work and determination to leave a mark in one of the world’s most competitive industries of today’s age. It seems like Ashley Park is one such individual who is adamant onto becoming one of the next top Hollywood actresses.

Only a few days back, in the month of November of 2016, she won the title of Miss Asia USA on the US cultural pageant. She applied for the pageant never expecting that she’d actually turn out to be the winner of the competition. Ashley belongs from Korea and was more than excited and honored to have the opportunity to represent her country and culture on an international platform. The good gods were apparently at her side as she was first given the title of Miss Korea USA 2015 but was fortunate enough later on to be crowned with the title of Miss Asia USA 2015. She expressed her feelings about the competition in an interview given to an online magazine as “It’s been such an incredible experience representing Korea, and I wouldn’t have traded the experience for anything.”

Miss Asia USA 2015

She was born in the southern side of Arkansas in a multi-ethnic family. When girls of her age were interested in playing with dolls, Ashley loved to watch athletes and to become a world-class athlete became here dream. She has a remained a competitive athlete for a number of years before entering into Hollywood. She ran for cross country and track for the first time when she was still in high school. Apart from this, she is an amazing swimmer, was on her high school’s swim team, and has won multiple awards in it. She has an astounding record of being a champion in cross country and track for nine times. All of this is enough to showcase her dedication and motivation to achieve her goals whatever they may be. Besides her interest in athletics, Ashley is a book nerd and has always been attracted towards exploring and learning new languages.

Having realized her above par excellence skills as an athlete, she applied for one of the longest running schools in US, University of Arkansas, and was successful to get first division as an athlete. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in Spanish and journalism. The worth-noting thing here is that she graduated earlier from her graduating class and was honored with the title of an All-SEC Academic Athlete.

University of Arkansas

The young athlete thought of trying to knock on the doors of Hollywood after graduating. She started attending well-reputed acting schools dispersed over the breadth of Los Angeles and got to work with a lot of experienced teachers. Though she never got hold of a formal degree from a college, in acting, but those acting classes made her grew immensely as an actress. She got her first taste of Hollywood by doing a small stint on the famous opera series of that time “Days of our lives”. She got the attention of people in Hollywood and started getting involved in small projects and eventually got her first movie “All American Bikini Car Wash”.

All American Bikini Car Wash

It was a slow journey for her until recently she started filming for two movies, both of which are scheduled to be released in 2016: “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter” and “Day for night”. Rogue Warrior is a sci-fi movie which happens to be Ashley’s favorite genre. In both the movies, she is doing lead roles.

2016 is going to be a busy year for the Arkansas beauty as she has a couple of movies to shoot and three webinars to film. We wish the best of luck to her and hope to see her soon with a blockbuster hit movie!