Aadhar Card: Enrolment and procedures

Aadhar, in simple language, is a unique 12 digit number which is issued by government to any willing citizen as a proof of their identity, even infants. It is a collusive data containing demographic and biometric details of the person concerned and can be issued only once.

Myths related to Aadhar card

There are many myths related to aadhar card, few of them being-

  • Being one card per family
  • Uses profiling info like caste
  • Identification documents compulsory
  • Publically accessible UIDAI database

Although Aadhar card enrolment is an offline process and you need to be physically present at the enrolment centre, we can start understanding about aadhar card by having a look at its official website.

The Aadhar card homepage

When you login to the website http://getaadhaarcard.com/  you will notice following on the home page. Here you will find general information such as what is AADHAAR, who can apply, fees for application, whether it is compulsory or not, the benefits of owning aadhar card etc.

Aadhar card service comes totally for free and it is not compulsory at all to join any such enrolment number.

However, you can harness great benefits of owning aadhar card at the time of claiming your subsidies, opening bank accounts etc.


Documents Required

For enrolment into any identity proof card, you need to submit few certified documents for enrolment with Aadhar card too.


There are following types of documents required in general-

  1. Proof of Identity-


  1. Proof of Address-


  1. Proof of relationship with head of the family-
  1. Birth Certificate-

It is not a compulsion to carry our birth certificate separately but it is advised to carry a birth certificate with you if you have one.


You need to carry the originals, as well as two Xerox copies of your documents to the Aadhar enrolment centre at the time of registration.

Downloading the Form


Aadhar card application firm is available to download on the website itself. It is your choice whether or not to download it, since it would also be available at the enrolment centre for free. But it is better choice to pre download and fill it with valid credentials so save some time at the enrolment centre.

There is also an option to download aadhar card form in multiple languages


When you click on the download link, you will notice the following printing screen pop up-


What you need to do this after this, is to simply save it by going into the file menu in the following way-


You will select the download option from the ‘File’ menu list and then will be redirected to the following window-


When the file is downloaded, you can click open it and print it.


Finding an enrolment centre


You need to hover on to Find Centre option at the top bar and click it. There you will have an option to find centres state- wise, by city name or by locality.


When you select any locality, you will notice the centre address along with their opening and closing time. You can also see the owner’s name and their contact number displayed over there.

The centres marked in red will already be closed by that time.


Booking Online appointment

Some  centres now have facility to pre- book and appointment with the users online. Note that aadhar card can’t be registered online, you can only get an appointment with a nearby centre if available.

In case your centre does not provide online appointment prior to registration, then you may simply walk in and get yourself enrolled at the centre.


On clicking the blue tab, you will notice the following screen pop up-


Filling aadhar card form

Aadhar card form is whirling in every sense for the common people. Here we will describe step by step procedure of filling out aadhar card form.

  • Pre enrolment ID/ NPR number- It’s optional, and you can fill this if you have one with you.
  • Name- Your name should match completely with the one mentioned  in your proof of identity.
  • Date of birth- write the date of birth as given in your identity or date of birth certificate. If you have a supporting date of birth document then you need to check verified option in the DOB.
  • Mobile number- enter a valid mobile number as all the related communication will be made to this number

So you’re done, rest are few more options which you can check or uncheck based on your choice. At the end, you need to sign at the bottom right corner at proper place.

What happens when you visit your enrolment centre?

When you will visit your nearby enrolment centre, you will be first given a form to fill, in case you haven’t filled it already by downloading it yourself. Once you fill the form, you submit it to the corresponding operator who will fill in you details of the form onto an online page-


These are your demographic details. After filling your demographic details, he will verify this with you once. After this, the procedure will move forward to registering your biometric details into the database. This step is very crucial as it identifies the person-specific and mostly non-alterable data into the information base. This establishes each citizen as being unique.

  1. The photograph of the aadhar applicant is taken against a white background.


  1. The Iris scan is performed for both eyes of the applicant.


  1. Fingerprints are scanned. First the fingers and then thumb.



Linking aadhar card to LPG subsidy account

          Aadhar card proves to be very useful if you want to avail LPG subsidy benefits to your bank account. Although initially the scheme, known as Pahal DBTL scheme was launched with the compulsion for aadhar card, people no more need to mandatorily own one now. Once the consumer gets enrolled into this scheme, they will start receiving the subsidies directly to their bank accounts. You would need three things to start with before linking your aadhar card to LPG connection-

  • LPG gas connection on your name
  • A savings bank account(which should be already linked to your aadhar card)
  • Your own aadhar card

You can link your aadhar card with this scheme by both offline and online procedures. There are other procedures such as linking through SMS, through customer service number, through IVRS etc.

 Offline mode- For offline mode, you can simply walk in to the office of your LPG service providers and submit all your paper works over there. You need to download “Form 2” or the LPG linking form from the aadhar card website.


You need to fill the form manually and attach copies of blue book, cash memo or your DGCC. Aadhar card here is considered as Id and address proof. So you need to attach a photo copy of your Aadhar card too.

After filling this, you can either mail all this to the office or manually submit it to them.

Online mode- for linking aadhar card to your gas connection online, you need to visit the seeding website of UIDAI portal https://rasf.uidai.gov.in/seeding/User/ResidentSplash.aspx. When you visit the website, you’ll notice something like this-


So clearly, here are 4 simple steps for linking.

Step 1: Enter location details

Here you submit your city/district and other locations details and also enter your registered mobile number.


Step 2: Submit Benefit type

In this case, the benefit type must be LPG. Choose scheme name, example IOCL for Indane gas and your distributer name.


Step 3: Enter Aadhar card details

Here you will need to enter your 12 digit aadhar card number along with your email id and mobile number. You will get a confirmation message in a pop up window asking for getting one time password.

Step 4: Enter your OTP

An OTP will be sent to your mobile number and you need to enter the same OTP here and then slick on submit button.