Publicfast is the platform where every person can register using Facebook profile and start working with brands. As results all people receive perks or money for their posts.So I ask you make little review or mentoring about Publicfast.


How it workshow_brand

  1. Start with registration

    Click Join and tell us about your interests and things you love. Show us your social media profiles.

  2. Choose your favorite brand or theme

    Join the brand campaign you love and write

    on themes you are interested in and know about.

  3. Create great posts on social media

    Use a single interface for posting on Facebook,
    VKontakte and Twitter at once.

  4. See the impact

    Track your likes, comments and shares; attract new
    friends and subscribers. The more people you
    involve and engage the more you get paid.

  5. Get paid

    Close a campaign, wait for a brand confirmation
    and get a money transfer on your account.