Are you a newbie photographer? Serious artists and professionals use Instagram to promote their work and showcase their skills. If you want to up your game, you should too.

Here are eight tricks to quickly help you stand out on Instagram and find an engaged and loyal audience for your photographs.

1. Good Shots Beat Good Editing

A bad photo can’t be fixed by a cool filter. Take your time, take your shot. Use light and shadow.

Find interesting locations, odd items, strange people, and silly moments. Get out of your comfort zone to increase your creativity.

2. Quality, Quality, Quality

Teenagers fill up their Instagram accounts with hundreds of selfies, food, and parties that their parents weren’t supposed to know about. That’s the opposite of what you want to do.

It’s better to post one spectacular photograph per week than to post ten junk photographs per day. If you can do a great photograph daily, you should. But don’t start posting a lot just because everyone else is.

3. Be Consistent: Quantity Still Matters

Amateurs post on a whim, professionals post with a purpose. Quality first, but quantity still matters.

Don’t be inconsistent. Set a schedule for yourself that is realistic and stick to it. Setting a schedule for yourself is a good way to stay professional.

4. Add an External Lens to Your Phone

There are many high-quality accessories now available. These attachments that can turn an average smart phone into a serious tool for photography. From wide angle to fish eye lenses, you can make your photographs stand out from the pack.

Start with a clip-on external lens. You can find these on Amazon for less than $30. And if you’re feeling ambitious, you can even add attachments for a DSLR lens!

5. Use Other Photo Editing Apps

Don’t limit yourself to the editing tools in the Instagram app. These can be OK, but there are more versatile photo editing apps out there.

I recommend the Avery app, which is available on both iPhone and Android. It’s extremely versatile. Another app for Android which works wonderfully is Photo Director.

Once you’ve done your primary editing in a more professional editing app, then you can do a final touch-up in Instagram.

6. Captivate with Captions

Instagram is about engagement. Make sure you put an engaging caption below every picture.

An example of a good caption is a quote from your favorite author that relates to the photo. Or write a two sentence paragraph describing why you decided to take the photo in the first place. You can even write a Haiku poem!

7. Hash Tag Trick

Look up which hash tags are trending every day to discover what your audience is looking for.

A sneaky trick is to put the hash tags in the first comment box below your caption. Don’t add the hash tags to the caption because it clutters it up.

8. Buying Instagram Likes

Normally I would never suggest that you buy Instagram likes. I have found a service however that provides automated likes to new posts as you make them This is a great way for a new Instagram account to get their foot in the door and a way for a more established account to look a little more popular than it may be. Sometimes all an account needs is a little boost to gain some credibility and this service does just that. They offer several pre paid and subscription packages to choose from.

## Conclusion

Becoming a photographer is about more the just taking pictures, it’s about showing other people those pictures.

Instagram is a fantastic way to find an engaged and loyal audience for your work. Use these tips and take your artistic career to the next level.