Many people think that leading a healthy lifestyle is a challenge. Every small step to a healthy lifestyle they took as the greatest achievement and it’s not a secret that all passion to a healthy life is gone there.

But, how do some people always remain fit and healthy, while others are trying their best and still do not get expecting results?

The answer on this question is clear. There are no special life secrets which can unfairly improve your life. We all are humans, which mean that limits of our organism are nearly equal.

Those who look fit and healthy just have 7 healthy habits which make their life better.


  1. Consistency in your activity

Every business you do should have a strong plan, which you have to follow, especially when you want to be healthy and fit. Otherwise you will never reach your aim.

For example, you’ve decided to start jogging or bought a subscription to the gym. To reach your goal and make the body of your dream you should consistently exercise. Every time your training is missed, you do 2 steps back. 1 training is missed + 1 training is needed to recover your sports condition.

So do not miss the things you planned, if you want to reach your goals.

  1. Leave at lest 3 hours a week for your activity

If you constantly do something at least 3 hours a week, you will devote to your activity over 150 hours in one year.

Such amount of time is enough to learn confident skills of cooking, singing or whatever you really like.

Moreover, 3 hours a week is a very little amount of time. According to the statistics, the average daily time spent on social media is 1,72 hours.

Only 2 days without social media will make you a better person.

  1. Take care of your diet

«You are what you it». An old statement seemed to be very and very true.

According to the latest research, eating to much fat and sugar not only leads to serious diseases, also it causes pathological laziness and weakness. When level of fat and sugar is high, you always feel tired and want to sleep, no matter how much time did you spent in the bed.

To follow the good diet just buy products with the list once a week. When you buy products rarely, you think twice whether you need some bad food or not.

So, composing a list of products and shopping once a week is a good way to avoid unhealthy food

  1. Drink more water

Most of people are dehydrated, which mean that their organism gains less water than it really needs. Dehydrated state leads to some serious diseases including heart system problems and other problems with health.

Dehydration is caused by several factors, but the most crucial is that people drink to little water. Alcohol, coffee, tea, juices do not count as a water. Moreover, such drinks have an diuretic effect on the organism, which leads to stronger lack of water in organism.

The moral is «nothing is water except water». Do it!

  1. Make more live connection

In our days, technologies give us a chance to contact anyone whenever you want. But it is not good as it sounds.

Today technologies substitute live communication, but every human needs to connect with other people at the gene level.

So, connecting with real people will make you a little bit better.

  1. Take a daily walk

Doctors say half hour walk is very useful to improve your health. Our lifestyle needs more activity due to sitting job and lack of mobility. So, walking and breathing fresh air is a good prophylaxy for your back and overall health.

Moreover, little break in the middle of the day greatly improves your productivity in the evening.

  1. Think in positive way

Our thoughts are material. So if we think that it is all bed, so it will be.

However, if you think in a positive way, you can avoid that negative energy, which pursuits everyone from day to day.

As gurus say: «If the problem can be solved , do not worry about it . If the problem is insoluble , it is pointless to worry about.»