In some cultures, snoring is a sign of good health. But that is not the case everywhere. Snoring is often not a good taste to the snorer and those present. While occasional or light snoring may not require special consideration, you need to consult your doctor if your snoring is regular and substantial. But before then, first try some natural remedies. They’re simple, effective and will save you from swallowing tons of tablets.

1. Change Your Sleep Position

It is possible that your snoring stops or decreases during a change of your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back relaxes the base of your tongue and the soft palate against your throat hence obstructing the airway during breathing movements. An ideal way to make sure you are not sleeping on your back is to place a tennis ball behind you preferably in your pocket or on the top back of your night dress.

If the back position is your pleasant sleep position at rest, you can add a few pillows to prop you up so as to avoid lying flat. Alternatively, you can place boards under the feet of your bed to raise the head area of your bed. Wearing a neck brace to support your chin at night can also help. This method keeps your throat straight, clears the airways and limits your movements.

2. Ventilate

Dry air, dust, animal dander, molds, mildews and other allergens can cause blockage of nasals and promote snoring. To remedy, ensure you are sleeping in a well-ventilated room. Regularly use vacuum cleaners on the floor and curtains to remove impurities therein and ensure that you are changing sheets and pillowcases more often.

3. Nettle Herbal Tea

Daily intake of nettle herbal tea can be very effective. Simply add a tablespoon of dried leaves in a cup of hot water, let it settle for five minutes, filter and drink three cups daily. In addition to this, be sure to avoid heavy meals and drinks three hours before going to bed. Stopping or avoiding alcohol in the evening not only helps to stop snoring but is necessary to make herbal tea remedy effective.

4. Slim Up

Research has established a strong relationship between snoring and overweight. People who are overweight tend to snore more. If you are overweight, it would be interesting to find out that managing your weight would not only help you to feel better about yourself but will go a long way in making you have a pleasant sleep.

5. Steam Inhalation

Doing steam inhalations some few minutes before sleep can help to prevent the effects of snoring. To do it, simply fill a small basin with warm water, add a few drops of peppermint essential oil and lower your head to about one foot above the basin. Inhale deeply using your nasals.

6. Decongest

Blocked nasals can promote snoring and disturb your peaceful sleep. A natural decongestant or antihistamine can before bedtime would be very effective.

Snoring can be very embarrassing but thankfully their are a number of effective solutions on the market. One such remedy is the my snoring solution chin strap. It has been getting a lot of positive reviews and is helping a lot of persons to get a good night’s sleep.