Have you been using the central heating system for many years? It might be time for you to upgrade or replace it or you will probably end up running a system that is both inefficient and consumes a lot of energy. Below, we list out the five things that you should keep in mind when looking to replace or upgrade your heating system.

Size Of Your Home

The first thing to consider while looking for a heating system is the size of your home since this will determine how much heating the place requires. And once the heating requirements are understood, you can estimate the energy required to heat the place. A small home only needs a small heater with low heating capacity. In contrast, large homes will require bigger heaters with higher heating capacities. And be sure to hire a reputed home heating and air conditioning expert to install the heating system properly.

Old Hot Water Cylinders

You should get rid of old hot water cylinders since they tend to take up a lot of space. Instead, install a new model which is smaller in size and more efficient. This will free up some space in the bathroom and you can use it for other purposes, maybe for a shower cubicle.


You should have a very clear idea of how much you are willing to spend for the new heating system. You need to consider both the initial acquisition cost and the operational costs of the heating system. Some heaters may require a bigger initial investment, but they might be extremely efficient in their operation that you will end up saving money over its lifetime. In contrast, there are systems that come cheap but cost too much during their operation. You need to consider such operational costs when choosing a heating system.

Boiler Type

You should also decide on the type of boiler you will be using. Generally, most homeowners prefer a combi boiler since it is capable of heating water as per the demand. However, if you have three or more bathrooms, you should probably avoid combi boilers since they are only powerful enough to serve homes with one or two bathrooms to the max. Apart from the combi cylinder, the next option for you to consider is a conventional boiler. But this will require you to buy and install a hot water cylinder too. However, the system will be powerful enough to serve three or more bathrooms and outlets at the same time. The downside of hot water cylinders is that they will take up too much space.


What will be the energy source of the heating system? Usually, you will have two options – electricity and gas. When it comes to cost of operation, a gas-powered system can prove to be cheaper. However, electric systems tend to last almost two times longer when compared to gas-powered heating systems. So, if you want to ensure that the heating system you invest in will last as long as possible, an electric system is indeed your best bet.