Is your website doing it’s job to bring you more business?

If not, this infographic by The Deep End Chicago will help you identify five reasons you might be missing out — and five easy fixes to help boost your conversions.

Your website should be the hub of all your online marketing efforts. It has the power to bring in leads, customers and sales. So why isn’t it working?

Research shows the importance of a strong call-to-action, customer-centered content, lead generation, effective, efficient web design and building trust. Unfortunately, if you miss the mark in these five important areas, you will lose opportunity.

Can you easily find the CTA on your website? This all-important element is overlooked by many who think they just need a website to “look good.” Don’t let your prospects walk away because you missed this important element!

Is your website copy all about your business? Remember, your customer is looking for help. Make sure your message clearly states what your products or services  will do to meet your customer’s needs.

Visitors to your website may not be ready to buy, but if you offer an easy way to sign up for future updates, newsletters or some other benefit, they will share their email address so you can keep in touch and get their business in the future.

The design of your website will either keep visitors engaged, or send them away never to return. Be sure you have a modern, efficient design using trends known to boost conversions.

Part of the job of your website is to build trust with customers and prospects. Don’t forget to have testimonials from those you’ve done business with in the past.

Whether your problem is messaging, design or usability, this infographic will help you get back on track quickly so you can boost conversions and build your business!

5 Ways Your Website is Losing Customers (and 5 Easy Fixes) – An infographic byChicago Web Design